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Sultan's Playhouse!

Sultan is not your typical six-year-old. Growing up with parents who speak both French and English and grandparents who speak Arabic, he can speak and count in all three languages. But he is typical in the sense that Sultan just wants to play and be active, especially when it involves playing outside.

Playing outside can be difficult in Las Vegas, where it can reach upwards of 110 degrees during the summer. It’s even more difficult for Sultan, who suffers from spina bifida - a birth defect that occurs when the bones of the spine don’t form properly around the child’s spinal cord - and a weakened immune system that rules out public playgrounds. In the more severe cases, like in Sultan’s case, the child can have little or no feeling in their legs as well as scoliosis. 

For the longest time, Sultan had no feeling in his legs at all. He didn’t even feel when he broke his femur one day. But daily therapy is proving effective. Part of his therapy includes standing for upwards of 35 minutes a day. Even more than the therapy, the biggest factor contributing to his recovery is Sultan’s will. And more than anything Sultan loves to do this therapy outside where he can see the trees and watch the sunrise. When thinking about his wish, it became clear that the most meaningful wish would be one that allowed Sultan to enjoy the feeling of being outside, in view of trees and sunlight, but protected from the elements that can cause him harm: a playhouse.

For Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada®, granting Sultan’s wish was an opportunity to engage partners with an equal passion for our mission in helping us grant our 2,000th wish. In sharing Sultan’s story, a community came together to become a part of Sultan’s wish journey. Through the incredible generosity of community construction partners, Sultan’s wish to have an outdoor playhouse came true. Upon walking into his playhouse for the first time, Sultan exclaimed “Wow!” With this wish, Sultan now has a place of his own to play, to grow stronger, and experience the joy of many sunrises to come. 

Thank you to all the amazing community partners who helped make Sultan’s wish come true!

Martin Harris Construction  |  Henderson Engineers  |  Simpson Coulter  |  Wright Engineering

ACR Mechanical  |  AJ Industries  |  Alpha Landscapes  |  Bruin Painting  |  Burnham Painting  |  Clear Solutions Group  |  Colvin Concrete  |  Cooper Roofing & Solar  |  Helix Electric  |  M-Core Construction  |  One Stop 4 Flooring  |  OxBlue  |  Power House Plastering  |  XL Landscape

Watch the timelapse video of the construction of Sultan's playhouse courtesy of OxBlue here.

If you’d like to be part of helping wishes like Sultan’s come true, click here.

  • Sultan poses with Wish Expert, Jimmy Gentry, and MAWSNV's President & CEO, Caroline Ciocca

  • Sultan's father cuts the blue ribbon!

  • A community came together to make Sultan's wish a reality!

  • Sultan greets representatives from Martin Harris Construction

  • A mural of Sultan as his favorite superhero from the interior of Sultan's playhouse

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