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Amanda wished to meet Austin and Ally

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“ This is already the best day of my life! ”

Amanda's one true wish was to meet Austin and Ally, entertainers on Disney® Channel. Austin and Ally had been favorite television companions while Amanda spent many days in the hospital. She knew them so well she could recite the script of nearly every one of their shows. 

Amanda and her family arrived at the Los Angeles Disney® studios in style - especially Amanda who was dressed in her favorite Austin and Ally wardrobe. Greeting her at the stage door was the entire cast of the show. Austin, Ally and their cast spent hours showing Amanda behind the scenes, letting her sit in the director's chair, taking "selfies" and having Amanda help them with their lines. When it was time to go, Austin and Ally presented Amanda with a signed copy of the day's script.

Thanks to Austin, Ally and their crew, Amanda had the best day of her life. Amanda's parents came away from the experience knowing their daughter had a wonderful, life-changing day.

This is already the best day of my life! ”

— Amanda

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