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Amirah wished to meet her favorite pop star

Amirah wished to meet her favorite singer.

“ This month, we celebrate a very special mother and daughter. ”

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Mother’s Day is May 14th, and this month, we celebrate a very special mother and daughter.

11-year-old Amirah is a very social and sweet pre-teen with an enchanting smile. She loves Ariana Grande and fashion. Throughout her childhood, Amirah has been no stranger to illness: her mother Tina is a cancer survivor. During her mom’s journey and healing, Amirah was her biggest cheerleader. When they received news that Tina was in remission, the entire family went on vacation to celebrate.

Soon after they returned, the family learned their fight was not yet over. Cancer cells were found in Amirah’s cheek on October 30, 2015. She received chemotherapy and underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Amirah was in remission for three months before learning her cancer had returned with a vengeance. On days when she wanted to give up, her mother reminded her, "I fought for you, now you need to fight for me."

Just when she needed them most, Amirah was introduced to her wish granters Loraine and Sam. She immediately knew her one true wish: Amirah wished to meet her favorite popstar. In true superstar fashion, Amirah learned her wish was coming true at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. They gave her the ultimate VIP experience, complete with a superstar theme, a cake, and a customized STITCHED experience, where Amirah was outfitted head-to-toe, including cat ears!

On the day of her wish, Amirah, her mom, and her sister were whisked off to the airport in a limousine. Soon after arriving in Utah, Amirah was introduced to none other than her favorite popstar! She sat backstage for hours relaxing and snacking before the concert, and her favorite part was talking to the celebrity like they were friends. At the concert, she sang and danced to the music. Amirah’s mother Tina said she loved seeing her daughter happy: “Thank you all for making my baby’s wish come true.”

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