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A "Pitch Perfect" day for Angelica

  • Angelica meets Skylar Astin

  • Ready.. Set... ACTION

“ It was more than a "Pitch Perfect" day! ”

Granting 16-year-old Angelica's wish went above and beyond, even by Make-A-Wish® standards. It involved secrecy, surprise, and the cooperation of some of Hollywood's brightest young stars. And one in particular.

Angelica, who suffers from Ewing’s sarcoma, a bone cancer that affects mainly children and adolescents, watched the popular movie “Pitch Perfect” at least twice a day while undergoing chemotherapy. Even on her toughest days, she mustered the strength to sing along to the songs in the movie.

Considering she is such a devoted fan of "Pitch Perfect", it wasn't so surprising that Angelica's wish was to meet actor Skylar Astin, one of the movie's stars. What was surprising was the speed and secrecy with which Angelica's wish grantors made a unique wish for a unique girl come true.

In June 2014, on a day she thought would be like any other, Angelica got the thrill of her life. A limousine whisked her and her parents to the airport, where they caught a plane to Los Angeles. Before she knew it, Angelica was on a movie set. But not just any movie set . . . the set of "Pitch Perfect 2"!

After a VIP tour and a chance to watch the movie being filmed from the monitors, the moment Angelica had dreamed of arrived. The word “cut” rang out, actors dispersed, but Skylar ran straight to Angelica. Skylar warmly introduced himself to Angelica and her family, then embraced the trembling Angelica while he explained that it was his last day of filming and he was so grateful that Angelica was able to come.

Throughout the rest of the day, Angelica was introduced to other cast members, including Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and Elizabeth Banks, the film’s director. The entire cast and crew went out of their way to greet Angelica and her family, constantly checking in on them and answering all their questions. At one point, Skylar held Angelica under his umbrella while it was raining. The crew even put her name on the back of the director’s chair. This was Angelica's wish day, and she was the star and director!

Angelica's wish day ended by having dinner with the cast and getting their autographs, which are full of personal well wishes for their brave new friend. The autographs, and Angelica's memories of Skylar and her wish experience, will bring much hope, strength and joy as she continues to fight Ewing's sarcoma . . . and awaits the release of "Pitch Perfect 2"!  

It was simply, perfect! ”

— Angelica

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