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“ they believed in the impossible. ”

Cashel was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and doctors told his parents he wouldn’t live past the age of two. But they believed in the impossible and Cashel will be celebrating his 21st birthday this month on the 10th!

When it came time to decide on his one true wish, Cashel thought he was again faced with the impossible: he wished to meet the world’s greatest magician, Criss Angel... and Criss pulled off his greatest magic trick and visited Cashel at his home.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and through magic, faith and a lot of determination, Cashel’s wish lasted far beyond a day. He realized that anything is possible and continues to give back to wish kids just like him through Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada. He started his own Walk For Wishes® team in 2017 and plans to do the same this March during our annual fundraiser. He also has a Facebook page, SMA it Forward with Cashel, dedicated to bringing awareness to SMA. He believes he is here for a reason, and is determined to use his time for the good.

Discover Cashel’s magical wish story in his very own words, here

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