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Dakota wished to meet Dog The Bounty Hunter


“ Dakota's wish to meet his hero came true. ”

Getting the suprise of his life, Dakota could not beleive his eyes when Dog walked in the room. A trip to Hawaii turned out to be more than he had expected.

Seven-year-old Dakota was born with supravalvar pulmonary stenosis, a rare heart condition that leaves him in and out of the hospital.  Dakota is a huge fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter, and when he met with Make-A-Wish®, he described his dream to meet Dog.  Dakota was ecstatic when Make-A-Wish® told him he was going to be able to meet Dog in his home state of Hawaii.

Unfortunately, Dakota had to be informed that Dog would not be able to meet up as planned, only days before he was due to leave.  Dog had to undergo an unexpected surgery.  Dakota was let down, but Make-A-Wish® stepped in to make his Hawaiian vacation spectacular.  When Dakota and his family arrived in Hawaii, they were greeted at the airport with leis, and informed of all the exciting activities that had been lined up for their stay. 

Dakota visited Waikiki beach and a water park, went snorkeling, and even got to swim with the dolphins.  The most exciting part of his trip was when Make-A-Wish®called to tell the family to go to Dog the Bounty Hunter’s shop.  The wish family rushed over, and was excited to visit the business of Dakota’s idol.  Dog the Bounty Hunter was there!  He surprised Dakota, and according to Dakota’s parents, the look on their son’s face was priceless.  Dog answered all of Dakota’s questions, signed autographs, and took pictures with the wish family.  Dakota’s wish had truly come true.

Dakota and his family are thankful for the wonderful way Dakota’s wish unfolded.  The wish went beyond the family’s expectations, and Dakota cannot stop talking about how great his trip was, and how powerful it was to meet his hero.


Dakota cannot stop talking about how great his trip was, and how special it was to meet his hero. ”

— Dakota's Parents

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