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Tamara wished to meet the Jabbawockeez

She got to show off her dance moves backstage.  Now her dream is to dance onstage!

“ A wish to meet her favorite dancers turned into a chance to show her best dance moves. ”

Tamara's dream to meet her favorite dance crew and show off her dance moves made for a perfect wish. Now she is ready for the stage.

Sixteen-year-old Tamara has always had a passion for dance. An accomplished ballet and modern dancer, Tamara often times has to put her dancing on hold due to cystic fibrosis, a chronic lung disease.  Tamara escapes her illness through her love of dance, and when she is not dancing, she loves watching the moves of the dance crew Jabbawockeez. 

When asked about her one true wish, Tamara told her wish granters she wanted to meet the Jabbawockeez and have the chance to see them dance live.  Tamara even mentioned she would love to show the Jabbawockeez her own dance moves. After a little waiting, Tamara was informed her wish would be coming true, and all she could do was scream.

The day Tamara’s wish finally came, she was informed a limousine would be picking her and her family up and taking them to the Monte Carlo where the Jabbawockeez were headlining.  Tamara and her family even stayed overnight at the Monte Carlo to get the full VIP experience.  Once at the hotel, Tamara and her family met the Jabbawockeez manager who showed them behind the scenes of the show and the show’s costumes, and presented Tamara and her family with signed Jabbawockeez masks, DVDs, backpacks, and apparel!  

When the group rounded a corner backstage, there were the Jabbawockeez themselves, and the look on Tamara’s face was priceless. Tamara immediately said how thankful she was and was beyond excited.  The guys started asking Tamara questions about dance and what moves she had, and although Tamara was dressed up, she laughed, smiled, and put her heart into some fantastic moves!  Tamara continued to mingle with the Jabbawockeez like she had known them forever until it was time to get ready for the show.  Tamara and her family were led to their fantastic seats and sat back to enjoy the show.

Tamara could not believe how perfectly her wish went.  She would not have changed a thing, and was so grateful to the Jabbawockeez and Make-A-Wish® for making her wish become a reality.

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