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“ James was awestruck by everything around him. ”

James was only seven years old in April 2015 when he and his family were delivered crushing news: he had stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain tumor.

This little boy, who loved to build amazing creations out of Legos® and had never had so much as an ear infection, was now going to have to fight for his life.

A few days later, James underwent surgery to remove the tumor; however, his doctors were not able to get it all. He underwent a second surgery, and his battle continued with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. In July 2015 he was given only six months to live, but that was something he and his family were not willing to accept. Two years later James continues to defy the odds with a joyous heart, grateful spirit and wisdom beyond his years. 

James’ one true wish was to go to Walt Disney World® Resort to meet Santa Claus in his “summer home”. His wish reveal was an exciting day set in the LEGO® Store at the Fashion Show Mall, but the main event happened in October 2015. James and his family traveled to Orlando so James could meet the one-and-only St. Nick in Walt Disney World®. They stayed at Give Kids The World®, and got to experience the Magic Kingdom®, Epcot®, Animal Kingdom®, Sea World®, and Universal Studios®.

James was awestruck by everything around him. He especially loved the Peter Pan ride, and exclaimed to his mom, “He looked at me. Peter Pan really saw me!” But the best part to James was being able to spend time with his family, feeling carefree and loving life. 

James no longer receives chemotherapy treatments, but he does still endure regular MRIs. His unbound courage and love are an inspiration to his family, friends and even strangers. Make-A-Wish® is proud to be part of his journey.

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