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“ To have light at the end of the tunnel is a beautiful thing. ”

- Criss Angel, Wish Dad

Since 2001, Criss Angel has been a supporter of Make-A-Wish®, granting almost 50 wishes for children battling critical illnesses. But no amount of magic could prepare Criss for the new challenge his family faced.

Three years ago, Criss and his partner, Shaunyl, heard the words no parent wants to hear: “your son has cancer.” One-year-old Johnny Crisstopher had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow and the most common type of cancer in children. 

Johnny Crisstopher began treatment immediately, enduring medications, chemotherapy treatments, and steroids almost daily for the next three years. Criss and Shaunyl were there every step of the way, along with Criss’ fans who provided positivity to the family throughout Johnny’s treatment. 

Exactly 1,095 days later, Johnny Crisstopher celebrated a milestone – the end of his treatment. And with the help of Make-A-Wish, his “No More Chemo” party was extra special. 

Johnny Crisstopher is a huge fan of YouTube star Ryan of Ryan ToysReview. According to Shaunyl, “Ryan is what got us through the three years. We would watch Ryan. Ryan would keep us going through the hospital stays."

“And every toy that Ryan would review, I’d have to go out and buy!” Criss added.

As Johnny Crisstopher celebrated the end of his treatment at a superhero-themed party with friends and family, a special guest knocked on the door – Ryan was here!

Johnny Crisstopher - I wish to meet Ryan from Ryan ToysReview

Together, Ryan and Johnny Crisstopher explored the carnival Criss had setup in their backyard, complete with a Ferris wheel, bounce houses and even snow!

Through this experience, Criss understands even more the positive impact a wish can have on a child battling a critical illness. 

"Granting a wish is so much more powerful than people can understand. As somebody that is the wish granter, I see how it affects people, how it affects these kids. And now I can relate in a way to these children because we’re on the other end and I know what Ryan means to Johnny Crisstopher.

"It’s a beautiful thing. Make-A-Wish is real. It’s real."

If you’d like to be part of helping wishes like Johnny Crisstopher’s come true, click here.

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