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Logan Wished to Meet Mickey Mouse

Logan and Family with Mickey

“ It was wonderful to be a 'normal' family just having fun together. ”

Logan is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. He's seen every episode of the Mickey Mouse Club in the company of his numerous Mickey Mouse toy companions.

Logan's one true wish was to meet Mickey Mouse in person and give him a great big hug. Logan and his family made their way to Walt Disney World®, where Logan's wish would come true. Logan was really excited to see Mickey coming towards him, but he really didn't expect Mickey to be quite so big.  It took a little while, but Logan soon warmed up to this "big as life" Mickey and the two quickly became fast friends.

Logan and his family loved their "little house" at Give Kids The World® Village. There were many other children to play with and the grounds around the village were filled with critters and flowers to enjoy. Logan's family enjoyed meeting other wish families at GKTW Village too.

It was wonderful to be a 'normal' family just having fun together. ”

— Logan's Mom

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