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Caitlyn is now cancer free and studying Enlgish at UCLA

“ I realized that having something to look forward to at the end of my treatment was so meaningful and gave me so much hope. ”

- Caitlyn

Now a Make-A-Wish ambassador, Caitlyn understands the true power a wish can hold.

At age fifteen, Caitlyn should have been enjoying acting classes and high school. The most stressful thing in her life should’ve been auditions, but instead Caitlyn was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2015. She vividly remembers the words “you have cancer” changing her life forever.

Instead of participating in the activities she loved the most or even going to class, Caitlyn had to endure many chemotherapy treatments. She remembers the amount of doctor’s appointments and scans feeling like they would never end. All she hoped for was that one day her treatments would stop, so she could go back to her regular life.

When Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada entered Caitlyn’s life, she was hesitant about having her wish granted because she thought other kids needed a wish more than her. However, after thinking about it for a while, Caitlyn found looking forward to her wish to be so meaningful.

What got Caitlyn through the most difficult times was looking forward to spending time with her friends, going back to school, acting, and, of course, her one true wish. Her wish gave her hope and motivation to finish her treatments.

In 2016, about a year after her treatments, Caitlyn’s wish to go to London was granted. What drew her to the city was not only all of the literary and theatrical history that she loves so much, but London is also the birthplace of her favorite band at the time, One Direction.

Caitlyn's wish gave her something to look forward to 

Caitlyn experienced her wish with her mom, dad, and sister and said it brought them closer together as a family after such a rough year when she was undergoing treatments. Although One Direction isn’t Caitlyn’s favorite band anymore, she ended up learning about British Literature in high school which quickly became her favorite subject.

Between the great memories of her trip in London with her family and learning about Jane Austin in school, Caitlyn hopes to go back to London to study abroad while in college.

So much has changed for Caitlyn since her cancer diagnosis. She’s now 19 and a freshman at UCLA majoring in English. In addition to college, she’s still pursuing her acting career in Los Angeles by attending as many auditions as she can fit into her schedule. Caitlyn is not only looking forward to a long career in the entertainment industry, but she also enjoys doing volunteer work for Make-A-Wish. As a Make-A-Wish ambassador, Caitlyn shares her story and the true power of a wish.

Now a freshman at UCLA, Caitlyn is studying English

“It is hard for me to tell my story, but it is rewarding to get in front of a crowd at a Make-A-Wish event or other event with kids going through difficult times, with the hope that my story will help bring even just a little more faith and encouragement  to others going through what I went through,” she said.

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