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“ It put me in shock, I’m still out of words! ”

- Jay

For two Canadian hockey fans, Jay and Jace could’ve picked a number of hockey teams to meet, but they both wished to skate alongside Marc-Andre Fleury and the Vegas Golden Knights.

When eight-year-old Jace aka “J-Man” was diagnosed with a blood disorder at birth, activities like hockey, lacrosse and spending time in the great outdoors became increasingly difficult. Instead of playing sports with friends, Jace found himself confined to a hospital bed where he endured painful bleeds into his joints and muscles which left him feeling constant pain, lethargic, tired and mostly sad. Jace’s one true wish was to travel all the way from Alberta, Canada to the fabulous city of Las Vegas to meet Marc-Andre Fleury of the Vegas Golden Knights.

Twelve-year-old Jay is also a hockey loving Canadian hailing from Ontario. He’s the goalie of his hockey team and takes his duty of protecting his team’s net very seriously. Like Jace, a life-altering diagnosis made playing hockey and being active much more challenging. Jay was diagnosed with a heart condition and needed a pacemaker, but he doesn’t let his condition get him down. Jay even gives presentations to students at his school about his heart condition.

When thinking about the perfect wish, Jay thought about his greatest passion, hockey. He knew he wanted to meet and skate with his favorite goalie in the NHL, Marc Andre-Fleury of the Vegas Golden Knights. “He works hard to be the best goalie in the NHL,” Jay said.

Due to the unwavering support from our Vegas Golden Knights and the Las Vegas community, Jay and Jace’s wish of meeting their favorite hockey player came true. Before gearing up and hitting the ice with Marc-Andre Fleury and the rest of the team, the two boys signed one-day contracts with General Manager, George McPhee, and received their very own locker and jersey inside of the Golden Knights locker room.

Jay and Jace lead a team stretch and joined players for practice. Afterwards the two spoke in post-practice interviews and were naturals at talking to the media.

When thinking about the power of a wish, Jay said a movie called Astro Boy helped him understand his condition. The main character, Astro, receives blue energy that revives him, and to Jay, meeting Marc-Andre Fleury refueled his “blue energy” for years to come giving him the strength to battle his critical illness.

Experience Jay and Jace's day with the Vegas Golden Knights in the video below. 

If you’d like to be part of helping wishes like Jay and Jace’s come true, click here.  


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