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Kevin wished to see the fabulous lights of Las Vegas

  • Kevin and his family take in all the sights in Fabulous Las Vegas.

  • Caesars Entertainment welcomed Kevin and his family at the airport.

  • Kevin is welcomed by Caesars himself at Caesars Palace.

  • Kevin's wish took flight as he enjoyed the view from a private helicopter courtesy of Sundance Helicopters.

“ Kevin's wish game him joy, hope, and a little less fear of the future. ”

There are a few things that can be taken for granted when you’re a teenager. For Kevin, he holds on to the one sense he fears may be taken from him. His sight.

At fourteen-years-old, Kevin has battled a challenge most people never face in their lives. Due to a solid malignant tumor on his optic nerve, Kevin lives with the painful reality of his impending blindness. When Make-A-Wish came into his life, Kevin knew what he wanted considering all possible outcomes of his condition; to experience Las Vegas the only way he knew how. Kevin went on to tell his team of wish granters that he wanted to have a panoramic view of the city during the Fourth of July, so he could fully experience Las Vegas in all of its glory. 

Due to the support of our community, Kevin’s wish was able to come true. Caesars Entertainment not only greeted Kevin at the airport with signs screaming his name, but they took him to the Fabulous Las Vegas sign, welcomed him at Caesars Palace by Caesars himself, and took care of his panoramic view request. With the help of Sundance Helicopters, Kevin’s wish took flight as he witnessed the Las Vegas skyline from a private helicopter tour. Kevin’s wish weekend was full of memories he will continue to replay forever. His wish gave him joy, hope, and a little less fear of the future.  #WishesHappenHere

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